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Welcome back if you are continuing to read my blog, My girlfriend Janie and I found some really exciting pieces of pottery while out exploring Southern Virginia. We took it to the nearest University, where they found out that the pottery was from the early nineteen hundreds. How amazing is that? So we are going to make another trip to see if we can find some more pottery. I know most people do not think of it, but there is so much history in places everywhere and you could be walking down a street and never know what was there before the houses or malls. Southern Virginia’s history is in the books. Here in So. Virginia we have so many historical sites like the Jamestown Settlement, Stafford Civil War Park, and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Virginia is known for its beauty and I admire the scenery every day. There is a peace in some of the places you can visit, a peace and a knowledge of things long past. My girlfriend and I do other things, though on our free time such as movies, concerts, and lazing around watching TV shows. Another subject that I spend time focusing on when I take people out into the wild is make sure people understand the necessity of water and the right type of food.

Importance of water

Importance of water

The worst thing in the world is to go hiking with a bag of potato chips instead of an apple which gives more energy and hydration then any junk food. Did you know that one in four people get lost or get hurt while camping, fishing, or just outdoors in general? That is a pretty high number and that doesn’t include bug bites! Janie and I are considering starting our own professional expedition company and taking people with us on hikes, camping trips, fishing, and kayaking. We both feel that we should take some time first to really know everything we can and get emergency certified just in case something unexpected happens and we have to act immediately. I also want to take and reinvent some of the first aid products so they fit better and are more easily packed.

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