Announcement: Hi there! My first blog post!

Hi there! I recently decided to write a blog just to keep track of my life in written form. My name is Jake McSimmon, I am 28 years old, and I live in Southern Virginia. Southern Virginia is absolutely a beautiful place to live and I enjoy it with except for the east coast snow we usually get. Although skiing, snowboarding, and building snowmen are the best when it does snow. Occoneechee03I am currently working as an expedition guide and spend most of my day out in the wilderness. I have a blast showing families around the forest or field, and giving them insight to the area’s ecosystem. Sometimes my girlfriend Janie comes with me and together we talk about all the different life around us, the animals, the different vegetation. This weekend we took a group down to Occoneechee State Park for some camping and exploring. We had so much fun hiking around, and watching the different wildlife in their natural environment. One major point to what we do is to teach people how to survive outside and safety. Safety is the first and number one thing we talk about constantly because all it takes is one mistake to have yourself hurt and unable to get help easily. Important rules for camping and outdoors is when you get to where you are going, set rules. For example, if you are camping when you set up tent, set down rules so children know what they can and cannot do like going to far from the campsite. Once we had a child try to light a lantern in the tent and ended up starting a fire. Although the fire was put out quickly, the lesson was there are certain things you cannot do in a tent, like using lighters or matches, and eating in the tent which attracts bugs and animals.


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